VANTED is an open-source framework for Visualization and Analysis of NeTworks containing Experimental Data supervised by Prof. Dr. Falk Schreiber of the University of Konstanz and is currently being hosted at BitBucket. Some its earliest source artifacts date back to 2001 and it uses a number of plugins to extend functionality. It is an ever evolving tool with more recent plans going into the direction of mixed-reality exploration.


    The goal of this version was to bring VANTED in terms with Java 9. That seems to be the case now, so then the other major change came in several core network algorithms, where greater stability and usability have been introduced. You could grab the 2.6.5 version from here.


    This version update has introduced stability and usability improvements with the centerpiece being the addition of new 4K and above compatibility feature (Bridging the 4K Gap - to come) aimed at ultra high resolution displays, similar to CAVE setups. This feature is library-ready and would be exported as such, since there is no other current alternative or solution.

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  • Son of Hunky Punk 0.9

    A contributor to the currently newest 0.9 version of SOHP, an Android text-adventure game, which could be found also be found in the Google PlayStore. The update included, from my side, tapping words algorithm, night mode, partly shortcut command buttons, fonts update among other bugfixes and enhancements.

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  • Fish Tracking

    In collaboration, I and my collegues at the Univesity of Konstanz have been building a prototype tool for 3D mixed-reality exploration of reconstructed real-life fish data for use onto the zSpace platform. The project aims to give researchers the possibility of combining virtual aspects, such as complete data control within the time and space dimensions, scalability and swarm intelligence estimation, with realisticly modelled environment.

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  • YouTube channel: Highlights Factory

    2nd Generation, established in 2011. It involves intriguing materials from a hobby area of mine - basketball. Currently not actively uploading any. Nevertheless, check it out!

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  • This website.

    For completion.Hosted on GitHub as part of GitHub Pages. If you loved it, feel free to contact me!

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